Thursday, June 18, 2009

High Hopes....

Lat night my big boy started asking me questions about schooling and how long each stage is and so I explained it to him and then he asks about Uni and well I told him it was three years for a basic degree and the 4 years for honours.. and so on. Well he has now decided that he will get a Phd and that he also likes the sound of being a Professor.. i think he likes the sound of the word....I have no idea what he will get his Phd in as he still has many years before he gets there, but he is getting very excited about. He as also said that he is getting bored at school, which is not very surprising to me as the teacher this year doesn't really no what to do with him between his disabilities and his intelligence, but sometimes i feel as though she isn't really making much effort either. She has been very focused on getting his handwritting up to standard despite the fact that the OT's have documented his poor moto co-ordination in this area and that it also causes him physical pain to undertake this task for long periods. We are in the proccess of applying through GSE for access to a computer and appropriate software to assist better in this function and then hopefully he will be able to express his knowledge much better. Then the next task will be to convince the teachers that what comes out of his mouth knowledge wise is not just him reciting what he has read but is sin his own language ...just very formal and correct...and that he does understand the vast majority of what he reads....for us this is easily seen as he will often explain things to his youngest sister.

THe youngest child has just began her journey into the world of school, having her first school visit today. She was very excited about and when the 9am bell rang she burst into a smile, gave me a kiss, waved goodbye and went and sat on the mat. I decided that my presence was not really needed and she didn't really want me their so I cam home and are trying to fill my time until I have to go and get her at morning tea time. That is of course if she wants to come, in which case it could be a bit of a struggle to get her home...but she still has to go to kindy this afternoon.

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